Client Love

Nicole is a fantastic teacher!

Her knowledge across various disciplines and the care with which she sequences her movements and classes is a huge boost to my yoga practice and well-being. It takes a talented person to deliver all she does in a fun, yet challenging way.

Having practiced yoga for many years and plateaued at an intermediate level, it sure is nice to be introduced to ideas and modifications which allow me to discover my body and mind in new ways. I’ve been taking her classes for 3 months now and don’t anticipate stopping!


I have been taking Nicole’s classes for a long time and have found her to be very inspiring, professional and knowledgeable. But it was not until the outbreak of Covid, that I felt really lumpy, bumpy and frumpy.

The Zoom yoga classes really changed my pandemic outlook — I was looking forward to my everyday yoga routines and felt more flexible and stronger than I had in a long time.

As a foodie, I find that there is something for everyone — some classes are spicy, some are warm, like a hot chocolate, and some are refreshing like lemonade… but they are really satisfying.


I had such an amazing private lesson with Nicole recently, the experience brought me into the true meaning of yoga – the union of mind, body and spirit. I must say it’s beyond words. It’s not something you can explain, it must be experienced.

I knew Nicole many years ago from a gym and she was always my favorite yoga teacher. Then I moved out of town and haven’t had any contact with her in over a decade. Recently I’m taking a yoga teacher training myself and one of the assignment was to take classes from a minimum 500hr certified yoga teacher. Immediately I thought of Nicole. I was so happy that I still have her number and she is still keeping her number. Super happy to reconnect and learn from her. She is an excellent teacher and wonderful human being. Thank you Nicole!

Winnie C

I don’t know why I waited so long to start yoga, but all I can say is that Nicole is an amazing teacher!!!! Her attention to your body movements, technique (or lack of) and knowledge of more than just yoga are some of the reasons she stands out. Nicole’s ability to make me comfortable, especially as a first timer, but at the same time challenging me, allowed for continual growth in my journey that I didn’t expect and wouldn’t have achieved without her support. Whether its private or groups sessions that you are looking for, I highly recommend Nicole for all that she will bring to your practice!!!
Kevin G

I met Nicole 9 years teaching yoga at a local gym. I loved her class. I even followed her online during COVID and participated in her online yoga classes. Fast forward to November 2022, I had a back injury that limited my range of motion, my ability to walk. The only thing that I could think of that helped was yoga. I contacted Nicole in regards to helping my rehabilitation and my ability to gain my flexibility. Nicole is an amazing instructor, when I started an exercise and was having difficulty, she would adapt the exercise to accommodate my ability. However, she goes even further to determine the route cause of my difficulty ie. muscle group, facia, motion that may be affecting me or causing my misalignment. My journey is not done…. Nicole would always say ‘trust the process’ but I trusted Nicole.
Andrea T