Yin yoga

Yin Yoga

RESTORATIVE: Up to 10 poses held over the course of an hour, utilizing all support tools found in YIN/HATHA flows (bolsters, blocks, pillows). A great class for those who prefer to “be” the yoga rather than continuous movement. The ideal flow for supporting the nervous system, reducing inflammation and stress responses in the body, and for those recovering from injury.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

ENERGIZING: A series of up to 30 poses and movement continuously linked to breath over the course of an hour. This flow is fun, creative and engaging, helping tone and strengthen muscles while realigning the nervous system. The class focuses on alignment, while progressive sequences challenge and ignite your inner fire, as well as improving mobility, somatic intelligence and muscle activation.

Fusion Yoga

Fusion Yoga

STRENGTHENING: A combination of both yoga poses and Pilates that target the principles of both styles. This class puts a tangible emphasis on core strength, using creative playful flows that target the deep core activation found in Pilates, while yoga movement brings back the idea of breath work, muscle activation and somatic responses.

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Private Consults

Book a Private Consult with me and get started on your journey! Consults can take place in-person, online, or over the phone.

Private Fitness Plan Programs run 8 weeks.
Sliding Scale Rates available upon request.


Wellness Retreats

INBOUND: Wellness Retreat July 19-21, 2024 will be hosted in a beautiful, private, 0-emission venue just 90 minutes east of Toronto. This 3 day/2 night retreat features 6 hours of class work, mindfulness and meditation, breathwork, daily hikes and a gourmet vegetarian menu designed by an Ayurvedic chef.

It is a retreat designed to declutter the mind, return the body to a place of rest and equilibrium, commune with nature and share in the energy of like-minded practitioners.

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Come learn, listen and connect in a new way! Hosted monthly in-studio.

Hormone Harmony

Hormone Harmony

The Hormone Harmony Workshop is a focused approach to balancing the delicate internal cycles we all follow! We will explore how yoga and mindfulness practices can help balance hormones, from puberty, to pregnancy and menopause. It will also include a light tasting course of hormone-balancing recipes to incorporate to our practice. Fri June 21, 2024, 6-9pm.

Vagus Nerve Reset

Vagus Nerve Reset

The Vagus Nerve Reset Workshop is a targeted seminar learning about the power of the vagus nerve and its incredible ability to reset the parasympathetic nervous system. This workshop will address chronic stress and build powerful restorative practices through poses, breathing techniques, and meditations that stimulate the vagus nerve for relaxation and stress reduction. It will include a light tasting course of relaxing botanicals known to promote relief and healing. Fri August 9, 2024, 6-9pm.

Mind-Gut Connection

Mind-Gut Connection

Our Mind-Gut Connection Workshop is a course that explores the deep connections between our gut health and our mental and physical health. It looks at mindfulness as a key component in healing both our gut and our bodies. It will include targeted yoga poses, and a light tasting menu of foods that heal our gut microbiome and deepen our connection to food. Fri May 31, 2024. 6-9pm


In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to have options when it comes to your yoga practice. That’s why I offer both in-person and online classes, so you can choose the option that works best for you. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating flow or a gentle Hatha class, I’ve got you covered.


In-person classes located in a private yoga studio in Scarborough. 25$

Online classes available to anyone unable to attend classes in person, or who prefer to practice from home via Zoom. *Missed classes are recorded and can be sent to participants afterwards.



For those who prefer to practice on their own time, this option allows you to access all classes that have been taught that month at your own pace. Over the month, you will be given access to 3 weekly classes (YIN/VINYASA/FUSION) to revisit freely. A total of 12 classes monthly.



This model offers you 4 drop-in studio classes and access to the 12 monthly videos in the Video Vault. It offers significant savings for those looking for a hybrid practice involving in-person teaching. 200$/month