Meet Nicole


Nicole Kantas is an E – RYT experienced registered yoga teacher with over 10,000 teaching hours. She is also a Fitness Specialist instructor as well as a Pilates and Barre Certified Instructor. The two things Nicole loves the most are yoga and children, which is why she is also a RECE registered early childhood educator.

Nicole’s background and experience with many forms of fitness and traditional training, paired with her understanding and study of practices of mindfulness, allow Nicole a unique viewpoint from which to build you a program that rewards both mind and body. Whether seeking a restorative experience, a strengthening one, or a deeper understanding of how best to work with our bodies and our minds, Nicole offers a range of services that benefit her clients at every stage of their journey.

She has experience working with every age group and skill range, from healthy children to troubled youth in the justice system, athletes, adults and seniors with movement disorders (MS, Parkinson’s) as well as intellectual challenges. Her years of work eventually led to the creation of the Mindfulness Movement program, a series designed to teach children about meditation and the power of presence, and is currently being taught at local elementary schools.

Outside of her Toronto-based practices in Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Mindfulness, Nicole leads a full and active lifestyle from morning to night, making time for the important things, like laughing and playing with her husband and two children. She loves learning, growing, connecting and making time to get grounded daily.

Please inquire if Nicole seems like the right fit for your wellness journey.